Many of the teachings of Matsuoka-roshi have been collected and printed, in two volumes, which are available for purchase from

kyosaku moku-rai
The title of these collected teachings, "The Kyosaku" was chosen after the well-known oak stick used in the practice of Zen Meditation.  Its function is to awaken one from dozing, clouded mind, one that is unaware of the Truth.  The function of these sermons is the same -- to awaken one to Enlightenment. "Moku-rai" is one of Matsuoka-roshi's favorite and frequently spoken terms.  Its importance to him is ilustrated by the calligraphy scrolls that he brushed to express it, one of which is on the cover of this volume.  It represents the resolution of opposites, and is translated as "Silence is Thunder," "Silence is Great Action," or "Stillness in Motion" ("Motion in Stillness").  When one awakens to enlightenment, one hears this thunder that is silence; one experiences the motion that is stillness.