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The founder of Zen and all Buddhism, Siddhartha Gotama (Shakyamuni Buddha) is not worshiped or considered a god. He was an ordinary person like you or me who was troubled by the problem of suffering, which he observed in his life and the lives of those around him. You may have noticed the same problem!
His successful attempt  to grasp the cause of suffering is greatly respected and his method of awakening to the truth and alleviating suffering have been practiced and passed down. You might be an experienced Zen practitioner looking for a group to practice with, or perhaps you have been practicing on your own, or you have read about Zen and would like to begin practice with the support of a group and guidance of a tramsmitted priest. Or, in this society where the term "zen" is used to descibe everything from minimalist decor to cat food... you may just be curious as to what Zen really is.

Zen practice has a long and wonderful history extending back over 2500 years or ninety generations.
The Atlantic Soto Zen centre, located in central Halifax, Nova Scotia, offers traditional Soto Zen training including Zazen (sitting meditation), Kinhin (walking meditation), Dokusan (one to one practice interview with priest), Dharma study (formal group  lectures/discussions of the lives and teachings of our Zen Ancestors), incense offering, chanting, formal Jukai Initiation (taking of Buddhist vows), and Disciple/Priest training. 

Instruction and practice in zazen is available upon request, (See contact info below).

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In Gassho,

For further information call 902 852 4323 or e mail tesshinjamessmith (at) . 

Rev. Unzan Tesshin Smith
Mokurai Silent Thunder Order